Privacy Policy

Big Impression LLC values your privacy. Big Impression LLC does not sell, rent, or share your information with third parties other than those listed below.

All information you submit to Big Impression LLC, personal and financial, may be shared with Kaeser & Blair Inc.

Big Impression LLC is an authorized dealer for Kaeser & Blair Inc. a leader in the promotional products industry, therefore orders may be proccessed and billed by Kaeser & Blair Inc. You will be notified on your invoice that the order will be processed and billed by Kaeser & Blair Inc. before you are asked to submit any financial information. By submitting an order through Big Impression LLC you authorize that this information may be shared with Kaeser & Blair Inc. and any party that Kaeser and Blair Inc. deems necessary to complete your order, including, but not limited to, processing, billing, fulfillment, and collection purposes. Your infomation will be shared with our supplier partners, for shipping purposes or to complete your order as needed.

When you register with our site your submitted information is stored on our password protected servers. This stored information is used by our ecommerce system to bring you a fast and easy shopping experience. Big Impression LLC currently does not collect or store any payment information or financial data on its servers. While we make every effort to make sure our site is safe and secure, we are in no way liable of loss of any personal data due to software error, breaches of security, or other unforseen acts.

Big Impression LLC will use your supplied e-mail address to contact you in regards to orders, inquires, and changes to your account. From time to time we may e-mail you with issues regarding our website. Your supplied e-mail address that you submit when subscribing to our newsletter will not be shared. The newsletter will be used for puproses of informing you of special offers, new item releases, and other promotional based e-mails. You can opt-out of the newsletter at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each newsletter.

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This privacy policy can be changed at any time without notice. It is up to the end user to check the current privacy policy.